Sandanski and Its Territory during Prehistory, Antiquity and Middle Ages: Current Trends in Archaeological Research. Proceedings of an International Conference at Sandanski, September 1720, 2015 (Papers of the American Research Center in Sofia, Volume 3)


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M. Grębska-Kulow, I. Kulov, J. Gorczyck. Cultural Traditions from the Prehistoric Settlement at Damianitsa,Osmanitsa, Municipality of Sandanski
Appendix 1: J. Gorczyk. A Faunal Analysis of the Osteological Data from Damianitsa-Osmanica, Municipality of Sandanski

I. Kulov. Bronze and Early Iron Age Settlements from the Sandanski Municipality, Southwest Bulgaria

S. Alexandrov. The Bishop’s Basilica before the Basilica

S. Shatov, V. Kostova. Preliminary Analysis of the Pottery from the Rescue Excavationsin the Atrium of the Episcopal Basilica at Sandanski

Roman Parthicopolis and Its Territory

A. Zannis. Society, Religion and Culture in the Middle Strymon Valley

G. Mitrev. The Data for Paroecopolis/Parthicopolis and the Problem on the Nameof the Ancient Town at Sandanski

H. Tsoneva, V. Petkov. The Emergence and Development of the Antique Cityat Present-Day Sandanski (1st3rd c. AD)

D. Dana. Inscriptions de la vallée Du MoyenStrymon récemment publiées: quelques corrections

I. Boyanov. Veterans and Society in the Middle Strymon Valley 

P. Kolev. The Road Communications in the Middle Strymon ValleyDuring the Roman and Late Antique Periods

S. Petrova. Quarries and Workshops in the Territory of Parthicopolis (1st6th c. AD)

E. Nankov. Sekoma: A Volume Standard for Liquids from Parthicopolis

M. Koleva, V. Petkov. Towards the Roman Provincial Art: A Female Statue from Sandanski

R. Milcheva. Representations of Roman Soldiers on Funerary Stelaefrom the Middle Strymon Valley

Early Christian Parthicopolis and Medieval Sveti Vrach

V. Petkov. History of the Archaeological Researchat the Episcopal Basilica in Sandanski (19892015)

A. Pülz. Some Considerations on the Relief Panels from the Bishop’s Basilica (Basilica Nr. 4) in Sandanski, Bulgaria

Z. Dimitrov, V. Petkov. Analysis of the Architectural Details and Decorationin the “Peristyle Courtyard” Complex Near the Bishop’s Basilicain the Town of Sandanski

I. Topalilov, V. Petkov. New Data on the Bishop’s Complex at Parthicopolis

V. Popova. Late Antique Glass Workshop in Parthicopolis

A. Sultanov, K. Kitanov. Petrographic and Mineralogical Analyses of the Frescoesof an Early Christian Tomb in Sandanski

M. Zlatkov. The Town of Sandanski during the Middle Ages According to Written and Archaeological Data

T. Komitova. A Marble Relief of a Saint from the Archaeological Museum in Sandanski

Coins and Coin Circulationin Parthicopolis and Its Territory

N. Hadzhieva, M. Doychinova. Silver Coins from Sandanski Region and Its Territory (6th4th c. BC) 

V. Petkov, S. Ivanov, I. Prokopov. Numismatic Collection of the Archaeological Museum Sandanski. Bronze Greek, Macedonian, Roman Republican, Imperial and Provincial Coins of the 4th c. BC until the Middle of the 1 st c. AD

S. Filipova, V. Petkov. Coin Circulation in Sandanski in the Period 2nd5th c. AD

M. Andonova. Early Byzantine Collective Coin Find from the Village of Velyushets, Strumyani Municipality 

Parthicopolis and Its Neighbors

D. Garbov. Territorium Parthicopolitanum et Tristolense: Reconstructing the Administrative Landscape of Northern Sintica

E. Nankov, A. Tsoneva. Some Observations on the Pergamene Appliqué Ware from Heraclea Sintica

E. Nankov, A. Tsoneva. Addenda and Corrigenda to the “Black-Slipped” Pottery from Heraclea Sintica

V. Sekulov. Crveno Pole and Its Relations with Cities inthe Middle Strymon Valley in the Roman and Early Byzantine Periods

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Publisher The American Research Center in Sofia
Language English with summaries in Bulgarian
Pages 300
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISSN 2367-5640
Creation date 2017
Size 21 х 29 cm

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