Proceedings of a conference Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic polis to Roman civitas
(4th c. BC 
— 6th c. AD), Petrich, Bulgaria, September 19-21, 2013.


Table of contents

L. Vagalinski, E. Nankov. Preface

E. Nankov. In Search of a Founder and the Early Years of Heraclea Sintica

M.-G. Parissaki. Reconstructing the Tribal History of the Middle Strymon Valley: The Impact of the Muletarovo Inscription

G. Mitrev. On the Borders and Urban Territory of Heraclea Sintica

D. Garbov. Roman and Early Byzantine Rural Landscapes along the Middle Strymon: A Preliminary Overview

L. Vagalinski. Recent Archaeological Data about Heraclea Sintica

I. Cholakov. Handcraft Production in Heraclea Sintica (On Archaeological Data)

S. Alexandrova. The Black-Slipped Pottery from Heraclea Sintica (1st  4th c. AD)

S. Neykova. Scientific and Ethical Approaches to the Restoration of Terracotta Finds from Heraclea Sintica

S. Ivanov, Sv. Filipova. Numismatic Data from the Archaeological Excavations at Heraclea Sintica Located on the Hill of Kozhuh, Petrich Municipality

E. Paunov. The Bronze Coinage of Heraclea Sintica

J. Bozhinova. Hellenistic and Roman Necropolis near the Village of Rupite, Petrich Municipality

M. Andonova. The Coins from the Necropolis ”Metlata near the Village of Rupite (F. Muletarovo), Municipality of Petrich

E. Nankov, D. Stoyanova. Stone Door of a Roman Tomb from the Necropolis of Heraclea Sintica

M. Koleva. Towards Roman Provincial Art: Small Pieces from Heraclea Sintica

R. Milcheva. Roman Gravestones with Portraits from the Middle Struma Valley


Publisher The American Research Center in Sofia
Language English (with summaries in Bulgarian)
Pages 300
Illustrations b&w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 2367-5640
Creation date 2015
Size 16 х 24 cm

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