Proceedings of the conference Karel Škorpil and the Bulgarian Medieval Archaeology,
3 October 2009, Pliska, Bulgaria


Table of contents /summaries/

P. Georgiev. The Contribution of Karel Škorpil to the Discovery of Pliska and the Vigor of Some of His Interpretations

V. Pletnjov, Pr. Peev. Notes on the Coast Changes of the Varna Bay, Investigations of Škorpil Brothers and Some New Research in the Varna Bay

Y. Alexiev. Karel Škorpil – Between Tarnovo and Pliska

A. Konakliev. Field Surveys of Karel Škorpil in Targovishte District

P. Georgiev, St. Ivanov. The Inner Earthen Fortification of Pliska (the Late 8th c.  beginning 9th c.) (Investigations in 20002006)

Y. Dimitrov, M. Inkova. On the Archaeological Map of the Outer Town of Pliska: Arbitrary Trenches in the Region between the Stone Fortress and Assar Dere (Survey in 2005)

V. Grigorov. Ceramic Complex from Pliska

Y. Dimitrov, Hr. Stoyanova. Pottery Kiln, found n the South-East Sector of the Inner Town of Pliska

L. Doncheva-Petkova. Ceramics from the Complex in Southwestern Corner of the Inner City of Pliska

K. Konstantinov. Metal Jewels and Belt Mountings from the Excavations of a Complex in the Southern Sector along the Western Fortress Wall in Pliska

St. Stanilov. Contribution to the Study of the Art Metal in the First Kingdom

T. Tihov. Early Medieval Finger Rings from the Depot of Regional Museum of History — Shumen

V. Yotov. A Sword-Guard from Pliska

L. Doncheva-Petkova, N. Sharankov. Stone with Crosses and Inscriptions from the Palace Basilica in Pliska

K. Popkonstantinov, St. Stanilov, Y. Dimitrov.  Inscribed Lead Amulet from the Excavations in the Inner Town of Piska

I. Yordanov. Pliska (9th  11th c.) According to the Sigillographic Data

К. Рау. Мозаечни мъниста с розети и кръстосани пояси

T. Balabanov, K. Stoeva. New Data of the Fortification System of the Aule of Khan Omurtag near Khan Krum Village, Shumen Region

J. Szentpeteri. The Hrings  Political Centres of the Avar Khaganate [full text]

L. Krasil’nikova, C. Krasil’nikov. Official Image of the Bulgars in the Khazar Khaganate (Continuation of the Theme)

R. Kostova. The North Part of the West Black Sea Coastal Area from the Late 10th until Late 12th Century: The Settlement Model of a Byzantine Periphery

G. Atanasov. The Colony of Rock Monasteries on the Defile of Provadia 

M. Manolova-Voykova. Amphorae from the Research of the Royal Church  in Veliki Preslav

St. Bonev. On a Newly found Belt Buckle with a Lion from Preslav

St. Doncheva. A Rare Type Buckles from the Territory of Medieval Bulgaria

D. Momchilov. Old Bulgarian Appliqués from Markeli

G. Dzanev. The Early Medieval Lead Medallion Amulets from the Depot of the Razgrad Regional Museum of History

I. Iliev. Bronze Ring with a Sign of IYI and a Belt Buckle Decorated with a Griffin from the Region of Dalgopol

St. Popov. Saber from the Depot of the National Museum of Archaeology in Sofia

I. Valeriev. On the Pendants Defined as Amulets  Horses with a Male Head

N. Mitev. Part of a Hoard of Silver Asprae of Ivan Alexander and Michael Assen (1332/1333  1380) from Veliki Preslav

K. Apostolov. Gancho Enev – Researcher of Omurtag District

Плиска – Преслав. Том 11

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English, Russian with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 448
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9472-36-3
Creation date 2015
Size 21 x 29 cm

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