Marriage diplomacy of Medieval Bulgarian rulers
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English
     The book reveals how Bulgarian Medieval rulers used the matrimonial institution in order to create prearranged family ties with neighboring rulers and thus to seek solutions to political problems. During the Middle Ages there was no distinction between the personal and public property of monarchs and they treated their state’s affairs as family affairs. In this way the inter-state relations become in practise personal relations. The rulers hoped that trust, loyalty and subordination, that characterized family relations, could be used to counteract rulers outside the newly formed family environment. The establishing of advantageous dynastic marriage relations became one of the key elements in European Medieval politics and in the Balkans in particular. The Bulgarian rulers made diplomatic marriages with the ruling elite of Byzantium, Serbia, Hungary, the Latin Empire of Constantinople, Wallachia, “Pechenegia”, Bosnia, the Golden Horde and the Ottoman Empire. The number of all established or unachieved marriage unions in the history of Bulgarian medieval marriage diplomacy is close to 60, which is almost half of all known treaties concluded by Bulgarian kings. This number indicates importance of dynastic marriage as a means of strengthening political arrangements.
Table of contents

Първа глава. Политическата ориентация на брачната дипломация в Първата българска държава

1. Византия

2. Сърбия и Дукля

3. Унгария

4. „Печенегия“

Втора глава. Политическа ориентация на брачната дипломация във Втората българска държава

1. Византия

2. Сърбия

3. Латинската константинополска империя

4. Унгария

5. Влахия

6. Босна

7. Златната орда

8. Османската империя

Трета глава. Статистически анализ на брачната дипломация на средновековните български владетели


Приложение. Имало ли е българо-руски междудинастични бракове?



Martial Diplomacy of Medieval Bulgarian Rulers

Брачна дипломация на средновековните български владетели
Publisher Bulgarian Historical Heritage Foundation
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 480
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8536-27-1
Creation date 2019
Size 16 х 24 cm

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