Emperor of Rome: Ruling the Ancient Roman World
Императорът на Рим. Властта над древноримския свят
Category: Ancient Rome
Language: Bulgarian


   A sweeping account of the social and political world of the Roman emperors by “the world’s most famous classicist” (Guardian). In her international bestseller SPQR, Mary Beard told the thousand-year story of ancient Rome. Now she shines her spotlight on the emperors who ruled the Roman empire, from Julius Caesar (assassinated 44 AD) to Alexander Severus (assassinated 235 AD). Emperor of Rome is not your usual chronological account of Roman rulers, one after the mad Caligula, the monster Nero, the philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Beard asks bigger What power did emperors actually have? Was the Roman palace really so bloodstained? She tracks down the emperor at home, at the races, on his travels, even on his way to heaven. She introduces his wives and lovers, rivals and slaves, court jesters and soldiers―and the ordinary people who pressed begging letters into his hands. Emperor of Rome goes directly to the heart of Roman (and our own) fantasies about what it was to be Roman, offering an account of Roman history as it has never been presented before.


Table of contents

Главни персонажи


Добре дошли

Пролог. Пиршество при Хелиогабал

Глава 1. Основни принципи на едноличната власт

Глава 2. Кой е следващият? Изкуството на наследяването

Глава 3. Пиршество на властта

Глава 4. Дворецът отвътре

Глава 5. Хората от двореца: императорът в своя двор

Глава 6. На работа

Глава 7. В свободното време

Глава 8. Императори в чужбина

Глава 9. Лице в лице

Глава 10. „Мисля, че ставам бог“

Епилог. Краят на една епоха

Какво стои зад името?

Допълнителна литература и места, които да посетите

Списък на илюстрациите и картите


Хронологична таблица



Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 440
Illustrations b/w and colour figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-1405-5
Creation date 2024
Size 14 x 21 cm

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