The Council of Serdica: 1670 years of history and interpretations
Veselina Vachkova. Language: In Bulgarian


Table of contents


Chapter 1. When the Council of Serdica was convened

1.1. 343 AD, 347 AD or…

1.2. The Council of Serdica in the biographies of some of the most prominent participants in it

1.3. The dating of the Council of Serdica influenced by the collective memory and historiography clichés about the council

Chapter 2. Who summoned the Council of Serdica

Chapter 3. Why the council was summoned in Serdica

3.1. Geographical location of Serdica – at the border or in the middle

3.2. Was the Council of 343 AD Sardican or Serdican – excursus in the names of the city

Chapter 4. Where the sessions of the Council of Serdica were held

4.1. Most common assumptions in the 17-21 century historiography

4.2. A brief history of Roman Serdica before the Council

Chapter 5. Was “the council of bishops of the whole world summoned in Serdica” ecumenical

5.1. On the quote struggle and rhetoric of catastrophe

5.2. What council is an ecumenical one?

5.2.1. Initial and later formal criteria

5.2.2. The Canons of Serdica

5.3. An ecumenical council as an ecclesiastical and imperial institution

5.4. How many councils were held in Serdica and what was the Serdica Creed

5.5. Genesis of the tradition of “The Council of the Seven Ecumenical Concils”- when, how and why the Council of Serdica was “degraded”

5.6. The Serdica or Nicaea-Serdica Council?

Chapter 6. The attitude of Serdica Church towards the Ecumenical councils after 343 AD

The conciliar tradition in the Eastern Orthodox world after the end of the Ecumenical council (instead of conclusion)

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s – the new type of Ecumenical councils after 843 AD

The councils against the Bogomils and the Bogomil “Ecumenical council” in Saint-Felix-de-Caraman

The “New Councils”, the Orthodoxies and the Eastern Orthodox polyarchy

The nostalgia for Ecumenical councils – when was / will be held the Eight Ecumenical Council


Publisher Zlaten zmej
Language Bulgarian
Pages 352
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-776-026-4
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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