Serdica Edict (311 AD): Concepts and Realizations of Idea of Religious Toleration. Proceedings of the interdisciplinary conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, April 27th 28th, 2012
Сердикийският едикт (311 г.): разбирания и реализации на идеята за религиозна търпимост
Language: English


Table of contents

V. Vachkova. Has the Edict of Serdica been forgotten (some introductory words to this volume)

E. DePalma Digeser. Why has the Edict of AD 311 been ignored?

M. Novkirishka-Stoyanova. Legal aspects of the Serdica Edict of emperor Galerius DD, 30 April 311 AD

C. Ando. The Edict of Serdica in religious-historical perspective

H. Drake. The Edict of Milan: Why we still need it

V. Nikolova. Aspects of Roman religious policy reflected in the Serdica Edict of 311 AD

R. Lizzi Testa. Tolerance for the gentiles, intolerance of heretics: The first interventions of Constantine in the life of the Catholic church and the pagan priests

V. Vachkova. The early stages of the Donatist schism – a view from Serdica

A. Madgearu. The persecution of Galerius in Scythia, with a special regards to Halmyris

D. Dimitrov. Who executed St. Demetrius? An attempt at a forensic report

H. Gračanin. Religious policy and policizing religion during the Tetrarchy

V. Lozanova-Stancheva. Constantine Helios: Between paganism and Christianity

V. Fol. The cult to the Sun-God and the king’s ideology

V. Dintchev. “Serdica II” Project

T. Kaçar. Did the Great schism begin at the Council of Serdica in AD 343?

M. Ivanov. The site of the Council of Serdica: New archaeological evidence

Z. Velichkov. The antique theatre and the amphitheatre of Serdica

I. Popović. The motif of christogram on architectural elements from the imperial palace in Sirmium

G. Mavrov, K. Saltirova-Pavlova. The temple of Serapis in Serdica – discovery, anastylosis and exhibition

J. Tabov. Who, when and why pardoned Mavro Orbin’s the Realm of the Slavs

R. Uzunova. The “Little Mount Athos” of Sofia and the churches in the eleventh and twelfth centuries

Publisher TANGRA TanNakRa
Language English
Pages 336
Illustrations b&w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-378-102-7
Creation date 2014
Size 17 х 24 cm

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