Essays in honorem prof. Ruska Gandeva.


Table of contents /summary/

Bibliography of Professor Ruska Gandeva complied by N. Sharankov

Literature, Lingusitics and Culture

K. Boseva. Topography of the Afterworld in Homer, Hesiod and Plato

D. Boyadzhiev. A Key to Latin in an English Fairy Tale (full text)

D. Valentinova. Roman face of the Electoral Corruption or "Nihil novi sub sole"

V. Gerjikova. Nature and culture in the Roman villa urbana

Z. Gocheva. The Cult of the Great Gods of Samothrace during the Hellenistic period

T. Davidkova, P. Lungarova. The Latin terms for cousins  patruelis, matruelis, fratruelis, amitinus, sobrinus, consobrinus

M. Ivaylova. The Oracle of Gaia at Olympia

T. Ilieva. Morpheme by Morpheme Translation in John the Exarch's "Theology"

M. Yordanova. HAGNA THYMATA. Anthropological aspests of the Orphic bloodless sacrifice

M. Kostova. Did Horace have a legal culture?

E. Marinova. Myth and history in Pomponius Mela's De chorographia

G. Petrinski. Faustus Byzantnus: the contract with the Devil in the Byzantine literature (IVX century)

S. Yanakieva. Records of ancient authors on the problems of "sacrificial offerings" of widows

History and archaeology

M. Binev. An attempt at a chronology of roads and adjacent structures in the administrative territory of Nicopolis ad Istrum

D. Boterva. Classifications of the Thracian Rider monuments

P. Vladkova. On the Bouleutai of Nicopolis ad Istrum

L. Grozdanova. The Christianity in the politics of the Roman emperors in the period AD 244-253

D. Dimitrov. The religious policy of Theodosius I and the Christian-Pagan debate in the Late Fourth Century

K. Dimitrov. The thermae legionis in Novae (Moesia Inferior and Moesia Secunda): Numismatic Evidence and Historical Probabilities (full text)

I. Karayotov. Ovid and the Court of Byze

I. Milusheva. The epithet pius in children's epitaphs from Moesia Inferior

G. Mitrev. About the question of the foundation of the Macedonian Koinon in the Roman Imperial Period

N. Nedelchev. Views of the Near-East and Mycenaean World in Bulgarian scholarchip. Part I. Egypt: Pharaoh and people

T. Ovcharov. The forgotten monasteries in the Veliko Turnovo area

N. Russev. "Visigothic" fibulae from North Bulgaria

R. Ruseva. Greek figural monuments in Thrace: some potentialities of the archaeological context

T. Spiridonov. Historical ethnology: ethnical system dynamics  theoretical problems

V. Stoykov. New coin hoards, found on the territory of Popovo and Opaka municipalities, NE Bulgaria

H. Haritonov. Classification of the city architecture in the province of Lower Moesia during the 2nd3rd century AD (according to the numismatic evidence)

I. Tsarov. Western aqueduct of Nicopolis ad Istrum: arcades

M. Chichikova. The cult of Phosphoros in Thrace in 4th1st century BC (according to the epigraphical and archaeological evidence)

N. Sharankov. Catalogue of a religious association from Augusta Traiana (Stara Zagora)


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 638
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-176-130-2
Creation date 2013
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