Proceedings of the Conference to commemorate the 70th anniversary of prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, held November 6, 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria. Vol. 3. Literature, Culture, Reality.


Table of contents /summary/

S. Arnaudova. Transformation of the Ancient Myth and Models of Reality in the Works of Heinrich von Kleist: the Drama Penthesilea

M. Bratoeva. Tracing the Myth of Shunahshepa: Aspects of the Intertextuality in Muktibodh’s Poem In the Darkness

D. Valtcheva. Theophrastus’ Άναισθησία in Bulgarian Translation: from Konstantion Fotinov to Bogdan Bogdanov

V. Gancheva. The Artist as a Prophet

V. Gerjikova. Genre and Reality: Isocrates on Drama

R. Gicheva-Meimari. Psychoactive Substances and the Reality Beyond in Narratives from Homer’s Odyssey

L. Denkova. “L’esquis et l’essentiel”: on the Simple Geometry of the Method in one Platonic Tradition

D. Sashev. Around the Talks about Tragic

M. Ivaylova. Ancient Divination Research History after the End ot 17th Century until the First World War

S. Ivanov. Comparative Religious Studies in the Liberal Arts College: Religiousness or Spirituality?

D. Iliev. Discource Emancipated. Two Pragmatic Models of Attitude towards Speech in Early Greek Culture

V. Kalfina. The Metamorphosis of the Observer

G. Kapriev. Hellenity and Byzantinism: Four Theses

I. Kasabov. On the Role of Word and Phrase in Human Experience

A. Kasabova. About the Uses of Meaning

M. Kostova. Non bis in idem or Πάντα ρει? Thoughts on the Principle non/ne bis in idem as a Model of Reality

E. Marinova. The Early commentary tradition of Works and Days in Western Europe

N. Metodieva. Disguise and Destiny in Rea Galanaki’s Eleni or Nobody and Emilia Dvoryanova’s La Velata

I. Milusheva. The Other in the Platonic Dialogue (Observations on the Role of the Interlocutor in Theaetetus)

N. Panova. The Art and the Philosophy between Image and the Illusion (On Plato’s Sophist)

K. Pavlikianov. Fictional Interpretation of Actual Events in Athonite Hagiographic Text: the Case of the “Miracles of the Holy Archangels in the Monastery of Docheiariou”

B. Penchev. Literature and Media: Models of Reality

S. Poromanska. National Cultura in the Multicultural World and Communication

N. Radeva-Girod. Text as Translation

L. Radulova. Gladiatoral Games in Lower Moesia and Thrace  a Meeting or a Clash of Two Cultures

K. Spasova. The Examples in Plato’s “Phaedrus”: the Deviations from the Logos

H. Stantchev. Myth and Emigrant Literature. The Myth about Minos in Dimitre Dinev’s Play “The Judge’s Home” (“Das Haus der Richters”)

M. Fadel. Festival and Literature

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 306
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-07-3512-2
Creation date 2014
Size 16 х 24 cm

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