Slavonic musical manuscripts in Rila monastery in context of Bulgarian culture
Language: Bulgarian with summary in English


    The collection of musical manuscripts at the library of Rila Monastery is the largest and the richest one of neumated, that is, notated manuscripts in Bulgaria. The manuscripts, more than a hundred in number, originated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They are representative of the last stages in development of the Balkan Orthodox church music and give evidence for its ten-century-long living tradition. According to them we could reconstruct many musical pieces from the Middle Ages that were transmitted in an oral way and have got their notated form in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the sense, the musical manuscripts at the Rila library are extremely valuable for reconstruction of music history.


Table of contents

Рилските музикални ръкописи в контекста на българската култура


Славянски музикални ръкописи

Типове книги

Датирани ръкописи



Ръкописи, близки по репертоар

Песнопения за св. Йоан Рилски и св. Петка Търновска

Научен опис



Индекс на песнопенията по типове книгии

Индекс на песнопенията по богослужебнка употреба

Индекс на използвания богослужебен календар

Резюме на английски език

Славянски музикални ръкописи в Рилския манастир

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Language Bulgarian with summary in English
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