The scroll-amulet from the collection of Prof. Ivan Dujčev (Cod. D. Slavo 31) (Scriptorium Balcanicum II)
Language: English


    The booklet presents study on an illuminated scroll-amulet, written in Church Slavonic with strong Serbo-Croatian influences, dated from the end of 17th  beginning of 18th c. and kept in the Research Centre for Slavo Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev” (Cod. D. Slavo 31). The amulet strip is of 4100 mm length and 11 mm width. To the texts, that contains apocryph prayers and incantationhave been added seven miniatures and seven magical circles. The scroll is of the Virgin Mary type and it is one of the fully preserved illuminated scroll-amulets in South Slavic tradition. The scrolls are wrapped around the girdle to prevent illnesses, evil forces, lessons, etc. The inclusion of the two versions of the witch's victory  the one with St. Synsinius and the second with the Archangel Michael — suggests that the specific purposes of the amulet was to protect a pregnant woman and her newborn child.


Table of contents

The scroll — in the past and today

History of the scroll in the Christian world

Midway between the liturgical and the apotropaic funcion

The illuminated scroll-amulet at the Ivan Dujčev Centre

Halfway between religious orthodoxy and magic

The scroll-amulet in in the collection of Prof. Ivan Dujčev and its place in the tradition of apotropaic literature

The amulet: nature, forms and mechanism of action

The scroll in the Professor Ivan Dujčev's collection and its place in the tradition

Dream of our glorious mistress  the Most Holy Mother and Blessed Virgin Mary (translation)


Свитък амулет от колекцията на проф. Иван Дуйчев

Publisher Research Centre for Slavo Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Dujčev”
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 108
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-91157-4-1
Creation date 2014
Size 12 х 14 cm

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