Russia in the age of Enlightenment and revolution events in the 18th century: Imperial interests and politics
Россия в век Просвещения и революционных событий XVIII века. Имперские интересы и политика
Author: Tamara Stoilova. Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian


Table of contents



Chapter 1. The French enlighteners and Russia

1. The reaching of the French to Russia and the Russian reaction to the French ideas

2. Voltaire and the encyclopaedists

3. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

4. The French in service in Petersburg about Ekaterina II’s time

Chapter 2. The strategic tasks of Petersburg with regard to the South during the 80s of the 18th century

1. Kherson: The embodiment of the Russian striving towards the Southern seas

Kherson as a strategic place

The building of the fortress and the city


The settlement of colonist from Southern Europe in Kherson

The contagious diseases and the precautions against them

The foreigners about Kherson

2. Yakov Bulgakov as an ambassador in Constantinople

The signing of the Trade Agreement from 1783

Shipping and trade

Caucasus in the in the Russian politics

The Danubian Princilalities

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth  An attempt for solving the problems in Constantinople

Yakov Bulgakov and the European ambassadors in Constantinople

Yakov Bulgakov during the Russo-Turkish war (17871791): Reports from Yedikule

Chapter 3. The Russian Empire and the revolutionary events in Europe

1. France 17891792

Russia, France and Europe in the eve of the Revolution of 1789

The beginning

The progress of the Revolution and Russia’s answer

Sénac de Meilhan  A failed attempt to contact the French immigrants

The flight of the Royal family and the radicalization of the Revolution

The intensification of the Russian position towards revolutionary France

2. Poland 17911795

The empires against the revolutionary enthusiasm of the Polish

The fatal year 1793

The third partition

Chapter 4. The Russian diplomacy in Constantinople 17921796. Problems and solutions

1. Control of the Russo-Turkish relationships after the Treaty of Jassy

The Ottoman Empire: Internal environment

The Ottoman Empire: The importance of the periphery

Problems with the representatives of revolutionary France in Constantinople

The Polish problem in the actions of the Russian chargé d'affaires in Constantinople

2. Kutuzov’s new role

Goals, tasks and activities of the ceremonial Russian delegation in Constantinople

The events in France and the French in Constantinople: A problem in the relations between Kutuzov and the Porte

The reflection of the Polish events on Mikhail Kutuzov’s mission

3. Viktor Kochubey and the France problem



Name index

Summary in Russian

Summary in English

Русия във века на просвещението и революционните събития през XVIII век


Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian
Pages 362
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-322-922-2
Creation date 2018
Size 16 х 24 cm

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