L'Empire d'Eurasie: Une histoire de l'Empire russe de 1552 à nos jours
The Eurasian Empire: History of the Russian Empire from 1552 to the present day
Category: Regional studies: Russia

Language: Bulgarian


     Every empire is condemned to perish. That of Russia is an extraordinary exception. It is one of the largest and durable similar to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Russian Empire disappeared in 1917, bu in 1992 Russia emerged as a country that in many ways resembles the Empire from 1552. Russia embraces two continents  Europe and Asia. It comprises a multitude of different civilizations and peoples. It is constitued as a Christian state, but it is inhabited also by Muslims and even Buddhists...

Евразийската империя. История на Руската империя от 1552 до наши дни

Publisher Riva
Language Bulgarian
Pages 374
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-320-052-4
Creation date 2009
Size 16 х 24 cm

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