Table of contents


K. Porozhanov. Doliones, Mysians and bebryces at the Sea of Marmara in Apollonius Rhodius

S. Janakieva. Thrakisch und Dakisch  Sprachen oder Dialekte?

D. Kotova. The Personality of Kotys in the Ancient Literary Tradition

M. Jordanova. Immortal Mortal: Heroic Ideology in the Thracian Myth and Cult

K. Dimitrov. Coin Circulation in the Early Hellenistic City (the Supposed Getic Capital of Helis) in “Sboryanovo”, District of Isperih in Historical Conext


R. Popova. Dobriela Kotova. Women in Ancient Thrace (According to the Ancient Texts). (= Studia Thracica 15). Sofia, 2013. 

Орфеус 21/2014

Publisher Institute for Balkan Studies & Center of Thracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) / Secretariat of the International Council of Indo-European and Thracian Studies
Language English, German
Pages 120
Illustrations maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0861-9387
Creation date 2014
Size 16 x 24 cm

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