The process of the policies: a governance based on constrictions
Процесът на политиките: управление, основано на стесненията
Language: Bulgarian; Category: Sociology


   “It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones.”, says Niccolò Machiavelli.

   Today, when the Ruler is not a ruler, and anyone can be the initiator of social change, uniting the citizens  both stakeholders and losers, around a common goal becomes a necessary condition for achieving it. Then planning becomes possible and the probability of success increases, and the new social system becomes achievable. 

   This book is about that. About the policy between the state and the governance. For the administration beyond Weber. About the processes in social development that we can try to manage.


Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian
Pages 206
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-07-5289-1
Creation date 2021
Size 14 х 22 cm

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