Mediaeval Dualist Heresies in the Balkans: The Slavonic sources (Series Ceranea, vol. 1)
Średniowieczne herezje dualistyczne na Bałkanach. Źródła słowiańskie (Series Ceranea, tom 1)
Editing, translation into Polish and commentary by G. Minchev, M. Skovronek and J. Volski
Language: Polish with a summary in English


Table of contents

M. Leszka, K. Marinov. A New Publishing Venture of the Ceraneum Centre of the University of Łódź

Slavic Anti-Heretical Texts as the Source of Knowledge of DualistHeresy in the Balkans

1. John Exarch. Hexameron (excerpts)

2. Cosmas the Priest. Sermon Against the Heretics (excerpts)

3. Anathemas from the Palaea Historica

4. Anathemas from the Bulgarian Synodicon for the Sunday of Orthodoxy (Tsar Boril’s Synodicon)

5. Anathemas from the Serbian Synodicons for the Sunday of Orthodoxy

6. On Messalians or Bogomils

7. On Priest Bogomil from the Slavic Kórmchaia

8. Pseudo-John Chrysostom. On Ecclesiastical Law (excerpts)

9. Anti-heretic text from the Eremitic Rule

10. Patriarch Callistus I, Life of Teodosius of Tarnovo (excerpts)

11. Patriarch Euthymius of Tarnovo, Life of Hilarion of Moglena (excerpts)

12. Pseudo-Zonaras’ Nomocanon (excerpts)

13. Marko of Peć, The Life of the Holy Patriarch Ephrem (excerpt)

14. Sermon (‘Slovo’) on the Origin of the Paulicians

15. On the Messalian Heresy, Called Eutychian

Heresiological glossary 

Index of biblical citations and references 

Index of proper names and terms 


Publisher Lodz University Press
Language Polish with a summary in English
Pages 268
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-83-7969-916-2
Creation date 2015
Size 16 х 24 cm

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