Macedonia: History and Culture from Antiquity to the Present-Day. Volume 2
Македония: история и култура от древността до днес. Том 2
Language: Bulgarian


   Volume 2 of the collective monograph examines in five parts the past of the region of Macedonia after 1944. The authors analyzes the policy of the post-war People's Republic of Bulgaria on the Macedonian question, Macedonian refugee organizations, Macedonianism in Yugoslavia, life in Aegean Macedonia, Macedonian political/patriotic organizations abroad, the bilateral relations of Bulgaria with the Republic of (Northern) Macedonia in 1991-2021. The second part includes research in the field of linguistics with an emphasis on Bulgarian dialects and hydronymy in Eastern and Southern Macedonia. The third part summarizing ethnological studies on elements of Bulgarian traditional folk culture in Macedonia - festive calendar, music and dances, traditions and customs, etc. The fourth section presents Macedonia in Bulgarian fine arts and cinema during the 19th and 20th centuries. In the last part, the reader can get acquainted with the Bulgarian military honors related to Macedonia, as well as with the benefactors and charitable funds and foundations related to it. 


Table of contents

N. Kaychev. Introduction


Modern and contemporary history of Macedonia 

Macedonia and the Macedonian Question after 1944

S. Germanov. The policy fo the People's Republic of Bulgaria on the Macedonian Question

N. Kaychev. The Macedonian Question through the lens of the refugee organizations in Bulgaria (1944-1990)

A. Parvanov. "Etatisation" of the Macedonian Question: Macedonianism as state policy in Federal Yugoslavia

S. Nikiforova. Aegean Macedonia(1945-1989)

T. Mitev. Political organizations of Macedonian Bulgarians in USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia

N. Kaycgev. The bilateral relations of Bulgaria with the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of North Macedonia (1991-2021)


A. Stoilov. Bulgarian dialects in Eastern and South-Eastern Macedonia

A. Choleva. Hydronymy in the Struma River basin

I. Karachorova. The Slepche monastery as a literary centre

L. Antonova. New data on Bulgarian dialects in the Eastern part of Aegean Macedonia: Drama and Syar vernaculars


V. Toncheva. Traditional music and dance

V. Penchev. Roots and impulses for the emergence and development of ethnological studies on Macedonia

M. Vasileva. Calendar holidays and folk customs 

T. Boneva. Traditional material culture

A. Komitska. Traditional costumes

А. Georgieva. Oral literary traditions

R. Hadzhieva. Life cycle customs

Culture (19th-20 c.)

N. Poppetrov. Macedonia in Bulgarian literature

N. Poppetrov. The fine arts

М. Vasileva. Macedonia in the cinema 

Philanthropy and memory

Т. Petrov. Macedonia in the Bulgarian military awards

R. Stoyanova, D. Gotseva. Charity and donations

S. Eldurov. Struggles for the liberation of the region of Macedonia in the Bulgarian national memory


Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian
Pages 504
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-245-356-5
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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