Macedonia: History and Culture from Antiquity to the Present-Day. Volume 1
Македония: история и култура от древността до днес. Том 1
Category: Macedonian Liberation Movement
Language: Bulgarian


   The first volume of the collective monograph reveals the history of the region of Macedonia from antiquity to the end of WW II. The historical-geographic region of Macedonia has been a part of the Bulgarian spiritual and demographic space for centuries, despite the fact that it often falls within the borders of other countries...


Table of contetns

А. Grebenarov. Introduction


G. Nikolov. The names of the geographical region of Macedonia in Balkan toponymy

А. Grebenarov. Macedonia and the Macedonian Question


Macedonia in the Antiquity

P. Delev. Ancient Macedonia

Macedonia in the Middle Ages

G. Nikolov. The historical-geographic region of Macedonia in the political and ecclesiastical history of Medieval Bulgaria (4th-14th c.)

V. Mitov. Macedonia in the 15th-17th c.

Modern and contemporary history of Macedonia 

Macedonia until 1918

I. Todev. Bulgarian national revival in Macedonia

D. Tyulekov. The historical-geographic region of Macedonia in international relations

S. Stoycheva. Macedonia in the system of the Late Ottoman Emprire (1879-1912): Administrative-territorial organization and population

M. Mihov. The Bulgarian Exarchate in Macedonia

G. Georgiev. National liberatian movement of Macedonian Bulgarians (1893-1912)

S. Eldurov. The Macedonian-Odrin (Adrianople) movement in Bulgaria

I. Petrov. Macedonia in the period 1912-1918

Macedonia and the struggles for its liberation after the Treaty of Neuilly (1919-1944)

D. Mitev. The Bulgarians in Vardar ad Aegean Macedonia

D. Vachkov. Economic development, resetllement, refugee loans

D. Tylekov. The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization from Neuilly diktat to teh military coup d'etat, 1919-1934

A. Grebenarov. Legally recognized organizations of the Macedonian Bulgarians

V. Stoyanova. Macedonia during the Second World War


Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian
Pages 576
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-245-282-7
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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