The personal life of Suleiman the Magnificent
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Личният живот на Сюлейман Великолепни
Language: Bulgarian


   Suleiman I (14941566), also called Suleiman the Magnificent by Europeans and Suleiman the Lawgiver by his own subjects, was one of the personalities who created history. He headed the most powerful state at the time  the Ottoman Empire — skillfully balancing the traditions of Asian despotism with the Renaissance needs of the period. He ruled as an extremely religious ruler, declaring a holy war on the infidels, but also as a far-sighted politician, a wise legislator and a brave military leader.
   In his personal life, the sultan is also torn between the established norms of Islam and the requirements of modern times. Suleiman I boldly broke with tradition by marrying his former slave and giving her an unusually large amount of power, ignoring the status of the imperial harem. Freed from the need to kill his brothers (according to Fatih's law) after ascending the throne, he faces another cruel life drama — the need to kill some of his sons in order to avoid civil war and ensure peace in the country.

Table of contents


1. Наследството на първите османци

2. Сюлейман престолонаследникът

3. Начело на една световна империя

4. От Белград до Мохач

5. Първата обсада на Виена

6. Харемът на султана

7. Тази, която се смее

8. Сюлейман и моретата

9. Войни с Хабсбурги и Сефевиди

10. Свят на интриги

11. Законодателят

12. Строителство, литература, изкуства

13. Малта, 1565

14. Спокойна смърт на бойното поле


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Publisher Millenium
Language Bulgarian
Pages 224
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-515-549-9
Creation date 2021
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