Istoriki, vol. 4: Collected papers in occasion of the 70th anniversary of Prof. Ivan Karayotov. In Bulgarian with summaries in English


Table of contents /summaries/


K. Krustev. Prof. Ivan Karayotov, Dr. Sc.

K. Gospodinov. Ivan Karayotov and the Harbor Named after “The Sign of the Lion”

Bibliography of Ivan Karayotov, Dr. Sc.

Numismatics and Sigillography

B. Russeva. On the Die and the Style Links of the Last Alexanders from Dionysopolis with a Signature of Λεοντισκου

V. Bekov. Autonomous and Pseudo-Autonomus Coins of Odessos with Riding God. Part One

K. Krustev. Mesambrian Coins from the Fund of the Pomorie Museum of History and the Problems Associated with the Early History of Anhialo

I. Lazarenko. A Rare Type Bronze Coin of Apollonia Pontica?

E. Paunov. Cistophoros: A Less Known Late Hellenistic Coin Denomination in Thrace

I. Prokopov. Athenian “New Style” Tetradrachms in the 2nd-1st Centuries BC Monetary Circulation in Thrace

A. Tenchova. Coin Finds from the Region of the Town of Harmanly as Sources for the Economical Life of the Region from the Early 6th to the Early 7th Centuries

K. Stanev. Coin Circulation in the Early Medieval Thrace, the Beginning of 7th – Beginning of 9th Centuries

I. Jordanov. Byzantine Seals from the “Kaleto” Fortress near the Village of Zlati Voivoda, Sliven Region

Z. Zhekova. Is the Fortress near Cherencha, Shumen District a Ruler`S Residence?

N. Kanev. Le titre Byzantin de la Patricienne a Ceinture (IX-XI s.). La contribution de la sigillographie au completement de la liste des detenteurs du titre de la Patricienn a Ceinture

H. Haritonov, M. Dolmova. Numismatische Beitrag uber die Stratigraphie der Festung Trapezitza

N. Mitev. Once again on the Coinage of Micho Assen

History and archaeology

M. Klasnakov. Notes on the Late Neolithic along Seaside and Aquatory of Bourgas Bay

D. Petrov. The Development of Crafts in Babylon according to the Hammurabi’s Code of Laws

K. Porozhanov. The Inscription from Mesambria. (The End of the 4thBeginning of the 3rd C. BC) and Dynasty of Sadalas on the West-Pontic Coast

M. Oppermann. Der Kult Des Ares–Mars während der Römerzeit im Ostbalkanraum [full text]

I. Topalilov. A Group of Praetorians from Philippopolis

M. Koleva. On Some Characteristics of Copying in Roman Period

S. Doncheva, N. Nikolov. Bronze Amulet with Signs from North-East Bulgaria

S. Vitlyanov. On a Gold-Plated Appliqued Ornament with an Image of a Warrior

K. Konstantinov. The Issue about the Armament of the First Bulgarian Kingdom

T. Totev. More Observations on Church №1 in the Palace Monastery of Great Preslav

S. Stoyanov. Notes оn the Architectural-Geodezic аnd тhe Cartographic Records оf the Capital Veliki Preslav

T. Todorov. The Military Campaigns of Tsar Symeon (893-927) and the Problem of Bulgaria’s Exhaustion (An Attempt at Historical-Statistic Analysis)

M. Nikolov. August 20th 917. A Hypothesis about Why the Fiercest Battle between Bulgaria and Byzantine Empire during the Reign of Tsar Simeon Took Plase on the Field of Anhialo

D. Momchilov. About the Ruin of North-East Thrace during 1206-1207 at the Campaigns of Emperor Anri – One Little Elaborated Subject

I. Roussev. As Europe “Came” to Bourgas. The First Steps of the European Trade Attendance and of the Modernity in the Black Sea Town in the 19th Century

A. Atanasova. Geneva and the Beginning of Setting Up the Menshevism In 1903

R. Angelova. Parties’ Projects for the Amendment of the Turnovo Constitution on the Eve and during the 5th Grand National Assembly

S. Minkov. The Bulgarians and the Soldiers of the Entente after WWII (1918-1920): Daily Contacts, Mutual Impressions and Influences

I. Eftimova. The Influence of Games and Toys on Building the Traditional Female” and “Male” Behaviours in The Bulgarian Traditional Culture


Историкии. Том 4

Publisher The University of Shumen Press
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 430
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-577-493-5
Creation date 2011
Size 16 х 24 cm

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