Sándor Berecki (ed.). Iron Age Connectivity in the Carpathian Basin: Proceedings of the International Colloquiums from Târgu Mureş, 1315 October 2017 (Bibliotheca Mvsei Marisiensis. Series Archaeologica XVI)


Table of contents

M. Guštin. Celtic Chariot Burials: Graves 6 and 55 at Brežice, Slovenia

M. Dizdar. Reflections about Some Specific Finds of Female Costume in the Southern Carpathian Basin  Can We Recognize Female Mobility in the Middle La Tène?

P. Ramsl. Interregional Relations and Connections in Central Europe’s Iron Age

B. Kovár, R. Čambal, M. Budaj. The Late La Tène Oppidum in Bratislava

A. Horváth. Connectivities in the Celtic Cemetery of Csepel Island 

E. Soós, K. Tankó. An Attempt at Interpretation of the La Tène and Roman Period Settlement Finds from Szilvásvárad in Northeast Hungary

P. Kovács. Traces of Local Interactions and Regional Connections in the Middle Tisza Region

M. Egri. Contact Zones and Negotiated Peripherality  Meanings and Functions in the Eastern Carpathian Basinduring the Late Iron Age

A. Rustoiu. Travelling Symbols. A Decorated Ceramic Beaker from Late Iron Age Cemetery at Fântânele  Dâmbu Popii in Transylvania

S. Berecki. Connected Elites. Middle La Tène Chariots in the Carpathian Basin 

A. Georgescu. A Warrior’s Beauty? Variations of a Burial Custom in the Carpathian Basin

I. Ferencz, H. Pop. La Tène Mobility in the Şimleu Depression. About a Celtic Grave Found in Zalău

P. Pupeză. Between Celts, Tracians and Greeks. The Cemetery from Cepari 

M. Urák. Late Iron Age Double-Lyre Stamped Pottery from the Mureş Valley, Transylvania

A. Drăgan. The Role of the Danube in the Flow of Objects. Te Case of the Amphorae from the Late Iron Age Settlementat Divici–Grad, Romania

M. Ljuština, T. Radišić. La Tène Agricultural Implements in the Vojvodina Region, Serbia: Tradition and Innovation

D. Spânu. Kostrzewski K Fibula in Padea–Panagjurski Kolonii Group 


Publisher Editura Mega
Language English
Pages 410
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-020-028-4
Creation date 2018
Size 21 х 29 cm

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