Proceedings of the conference Northeastern Thrace and Byzantine
during the 4th
14th century, 2930 May, 1992, Sliven, Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian with short English summaries


Table of contents /summaries/

I. Shtereva. Contributions to the history of Sliven

V. Velkov. Which is the town of Diospolis?

D. Nikolov. Roads in the Antiquity and Late Antiquity in North-Eastern Thrace

S. Lissitsov. Passes and operative lines of communication in the mountain near Kotel, Sliven and Grebenets Mountain during the Late Antiquity and the Bulgarian Middle Ages

M. Vaklinova. Early Christian centers in South-Eastern Thrace

N. Tancheva-Vassileva. An Early Christian religious complex near the village of Voden

D. Yankov. Early Christian church near the village of Gorno Novo selo, the Stara Zagora region (an addition to the question of the Episcopal centers in Thrace in 4th6th centuries

R. Rashev. Life in the settlements in Northern Thrace in the Early Middle Ages

Z. Aladjov. The Markeli fortress  some stratigraphic and chronological notes

N. Ovcharov. The structure of the Byzantine thema Ahridos in XIXIV c. (according to historical and archaeological data)

B. Borisov. Ceramics from the Medieval fortress near the village of Iskritsa and its place in the ceramics complex of North-Eastern Thrace in11th12th centuries

M. Radeva. Sgraffito ceramics from Sliven

B. Petrunova. Peculiarities of the Christian ritual in the medieval necropolises on the territory of South-Eastern Bulgaria

Североизточна Тракия и Византия през IV–XIV век

Publisher Historical Museum – Sliven
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 168
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
Creation date 1993
Size 16 х 24 cm

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