Petya Kiyashkina, Anelia Bozkova, Todor Marvakov (eds.). A Guide to the collections of the Archaeological museum of Nessebar
Language: English


   The catalogue, arranged chronologically and according to the types of the artifacts, presents painted vessels, sculptures, reliefs, refined terracotta, jewelry, as well as architectural decorations from old Mesambrian temples and houses. Some of the artifacts are published for a first time.


Table of contents 


A promenade through time. The history of the Museum in Nessebar and of the archaeological investigations in the city

The collections of the Archaeological Museum in Nessebar



Middle Ages




Publisher Archaeological Museum of Nessebar
Language English
Pages 192
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92396-9-0
Creation date 2012
Size 21 х 25 cm

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