The Coinage of Messambria. Volume II: Bronze coins of Mesambria


Table of contents

Bibliography and abbreviations

Introductions. Character of the Bronze Coinage. Periodization

Chapter One. The Authonomous Bronze Coinage of Mesambria

Bronze Coins “Athena  META in wheel”

Bronze Coins “Melsas  META in pelta”

Bronze Coins “Helmet facing  META in wheel”

Bronze Coins “Helmet facing  MEΣA in wheel”

Bronze Coins ”Helmet profile  METAM/BPIANΩN inside of Celtic Shield”

Bronze Coins “Amazon  METAM/BPIANΩN Athena Alcidamos”

Bronze Coins “Amazon  MEΣAM/BPIANΩN Athena Alcidamos”

Bronze Coins “Athena helmet with star  MEΣA in pelta”

Bronze Coins “Dyonisos– grape cluster”

Bronze Coins “Demeter  M/E//Σ/A on either side of grain ear”

Chapter Two. The Bronze Coinage of Mesambria in the period of the Roman Empire

Chapter Three. The Weight Standard

Chapter Four. The Mesambrian Pantheon

Chapter Five. A Historical Synopsis of the Mesambrian Coinage. Circulation

Catalogues and Plates

Loci Thesaurorum, Maps


Publisher Center for maritime history, archaeology and ecology – Sozopol
Language English
Pages 500
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-92170-3-2
Creation date 2009
Size 21 x 29 cm

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