The Coinage of Messambria. Volume I: Silver and Gold Coins of Mesambria


Table of contents



Chapter One. The Early Silver Coins

Chapter Two. Analysis of the Dies of the Mesambrian Tetradrachms

Chapter Three. Monograms, Inscriptions and Coin Magistrates on the Tetradrachms

Chapter Four. Chronology of the Mesambrian Tetradrachms

Chapter Five. The Gold Staters of Mesambria

Chapter Six. Circulation of the Mesambrian Silver and Gold Coins


Catalogues, Tables, Plates

Catalogue of Early Silver Coins

Catalogue of Tetradrachms

Catalogue of Gold Staters

List of Hoards and Single Finds

Table I. Combinations of Observe and Reverse Dies

Table II. Monograms, Coin Magistrates and Chronology of the Tetradrachms

Register of Collections

Distribution of Mesambrian Diobols, Tetradrachms and Staters

Figures. Relief No.1 and Relief No.2


Publisher Centre of Underwater Archaeology, Sozopol
Language English
Pages 134
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
Creation date 1994
Size 21 x 29 cm

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