Bulgarian Church Woodcarving 14th19th century (Bulgarian Academic Monographs 4)


Table of contents


The Iconostasis

Chapter I. Monumental Woodcarving in Medieval Bulgaria

The Rila Gate

The Art of Woodcarving from the 15th to the Beginning of the 18th Century

1. Semantic Characteristics of the Bulgarian Late Medieval Iconostasis

2. The spiritual and Aesthetic Impact of the Late Medieval Iconostasis

Chapter II. Woodcarving during the Bulgarian National Revival Period

Woodcarving Schools

1. The Tryavna School of Woodcarving

2. The Debur School of Woodcarving

3. The Samokov School of Woodcarving

Groups of wood-carvers

1. Wood-carvers from the Village of Metsovo

2. Wood-carvers from Vratsa and its Environs

3. Wood-carvers from the Village of Novo Selo near Sevlievo

4. Monumental Woodcarvings by Rila Monks

5. The Kalofer Group of Wood-carvers

Chapter III. The Mystery of the Revival Period Church Woodcarving

Revival Period Church Woodcarving  A Tangle of Contradictory Tendencies

An Echo from Ancient Mythological Ideas

1. From Mythology to Folklore

2. Reminiscences from the Medieval Physiologys

3. The Great Influence of Patriarchal Rituals


References. Notes



Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Language English
Pages 150
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 954-430-667-6
Creation date 2008
Size 16 х 24 cm
Citation Angelov, Valentin. Bulgarian Church Woodcarving 14th-19th Century. Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2000.

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