The Dark Ages of Byzantium (Cultural and historical essays)
Тъмните векове на Византия. Културно-исторически очерци
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English
Category: Byzantine studies


   The present book is dedicated to the problems of the so called Dark Ages of Byzantium (from the 7th to the early 9th century). The term has been created in order to denote this relatively less known period of transition from the Late antique to a par excellence Medieval society. However, the notion is to a great extent misleading, insofar as we could not automatically transfer the term fro mthe Early Medieval West to the realities of the Eastern Mediterranean. Probably the Balkans was the territory, where the historical trends seemed to be mostly paralleled with what was happening in the West. The Near East passed to the Islamic world without obvious signs of discontinuity, while Asia Minor became a borderland. Analyzing the new findings together with the sources and the newest achievements in the filed of the academic research, I would like to question the usage of the very notion Dark Ages as well as to claim for a certain recognizable signs of continuity in the political, economic and cultural life.


Table of contents

Няколко уводни думи

Глава 1. Византия през седми век и след него: последствията

Глава 2. Иконоборството във Византия: идеи и тълкувания

Глава 3. Тъмните векове на християнския изток: развносметката


Използвана литература


Използвани съкращения


Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 256
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Binding paperback
ISBN 954-775-452-1
Creation date 2005
Size 16 х 24 cm

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