Boni Petrunova. The Treasures of Bulgaria. In English


Table of contents

The oldest gold in the world

The Hotnitsa treasure

The gold bowl from Kazichene

The Valchitran treasure

The ring of Ezerovo

The golden mask from the Thracian tumulus “Svetitsa”

The gold from Dubene

The treasure of Velichkovo or the decadrachms of the Thracian tribe Deroni

The treasure of Rogozen: The discovery of the 20th century

The Panagyurishte treasure: The royal ritual dining set

The Letnitsa treasure: An ancient tale about the path to power

The treasure of Ravnogor: The favorite stallion of the Thracian ruler

The Borovo treasure: The wedding of the Gods

The Yakimovo treasure: Under the protection of the Great Mother of the Gods

The Malomirovo-Zlatinitsa treasure: The path of the Thracian ruler to the Afterlife

The treasure from Lukovit: The symbol of animal art style

The Kralevo treasure: The secrets of tumulus #3

The Thracian plastrons: The sacred symbol of power

The Ratiaria treasure: The useless fortune

The Abritus treasure of the coins of the East Roman Empire rulers

The Varna treasure or the beautiful women of Odessos

The treasure from Malaya Pereshchepina: The funeral offerings of Kubrat Khan

The Nagyszentmiklόs treasure or the golden treasure of Khan Asparuh

The Vrap treasure or the art-shop of Khan Kuber, brother of Khan Asparuh

The Madara treasure or the Bulgars’ golden belts

The Preslav treasure: The abundance of the royal court chainmail armor

The gold coin of Tsar Ivan Assen II or the greatness of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom

The golden rings from Veliko Tarnovo

The Nicopole treasure: The end of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom

Бони Петрунова. Съкровищата на България

Publisher Svetovna Biblioteka
Language English
Pages 184
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-574-214-9
Creation date 2018
Size 21 х 29 cm

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