Kalin Porozhanov. The Thracian Civilization in the Beginnings of two Continents and on the Coasts of three Seas (in ten studies) (Thracia antiqua 12)
Тракийската цивилизация в началата на два континента и по крайбрежията на три морета
Second revised and enhanced edition. Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


Table of contents /summary/

Preliminary Words

First Study. Main Factors and Periods in the Emergence and the Development of the Thracian Civilization in Southeast Europe and Northwest Anatolia

Second Study. The Thracians in the Paleobalkan-Westanatolian Indoeuropean Community in the 2nd1st Mill. BC

Third Study. Ancient Literature for Ethnocultural Communities in Southeast Europe and West Asia Minor in the end of the 2nd and the Beginning of 1st Mill. BC

Fourth Study. Relicts from the Paleobalkan-Westanatolian Ethnocultural Community on the Littorals of the Thracian, Marmara Seas and Anatolian Black Sea Coast, According to Apollonius Rhodius

Fifth Study. The Thracians on the Northern Marmara Sea Coast and on the Anatolian Black Sea Coast in Xenophon

Sixth Study. The Thracian Rulers Residence of Fineus-Fineon-Finopolis at the Mouth of the Bosporus/Entrance of the Black Sea

Seventh Study. The Basileyon Salmydessos and the Rulers Residence-Sanctuary of Apollo Karsenos of the South-West Black Sea Coast

Eighth Study. The Seas of the Thracians  Thrace Maritima/Thrace Pontica

Ninth Study. The Ancient Heritage in the Bulgarian History and Culture

Tenth Study. The Expeditions on the Track of the Thracians of the Littorals of the Black, Thracian and Marmara Seas in the Beginning of 21st Century

English Summary


Ancient Authors and the Referenced Literature


Publisher Ral-Kolobur
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 360
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0205-0234
Creation date 2012
Size 16 х 24 cm

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