Table of contents (summary)


§ 1. The Empires

§ 2. The Polis-States, Polis-Emporia and Thracian Marketplaces

Part one. The Athenian Empire — arché (454-404 BC) and the poleis belonged to it along the coast of the Odrysian basileia

Chapter one. The Athenian Empire — arché (454-404 BC)

§ 1. From the Delian symmachia to the Athenian arché

§ 2. The Athenian tribute lists

§3. Poleis along the Coasts of the Odrysian Kingdom in the Athenian Tribute Lists

Chapter two. Poleis of the Athenian empire-arché along the coasts of the Odrysian empire-basileia

§ 1. The poleis of the Hellespontic tax district

§ 2. The poleis from the Thracian tax district

§ 3.The poleis from the Pontic tax district

Part two. The kingdom of the Odrysae and the poleis of the arché along its coasts

Chapter three. The Dynastic Residences

§ 1. The Northern Coast of the Sea of Marmara

§ 2. The Thracian Sea

§ 3. The Southwestern Black Sea Region

§ 4. The Upper Thracian Plain

§ 5. Summary

Chapter four. Hypothetical tax relations of the poleis with the Odrysian kingdom-empire, according to the Athenian tribute lists

§ 1. The Hellespontic tax area

§ 2. The Thracian tax area

§ 3. The poles Apollonia from the Pontic tax district

§ 4. Summary

Chapter five. The Kings and the Poleis from the Late 6th and 5th century BC

Chapter six. The Kings and the Poleis from the End of 5th Century BC until 314 BC




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