I. Lazarenko, E. Mircheva et al. (eds.). The Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods in Dionysopolis. In English


     This is the only temple of Cybele discovered in the eastern part of the Balkans, and it is the best preserved Hellenistic temple in Bulgaria. The numerous inscriptions, marble statues and other pieces of figural arts found within the building offer an important archaeological evidence, reflecting religious and social life in Dionysopolis and the Western Black Sea coast. In number and diversity, this is the largest group artefacts connected with the cult of the Mother of Gods found in a temple of Cybele.


Table of contents

I. Introduction

II. Architecture

II.1. Description of the Architectural Remains of the Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods

II.2. Chronology and Parallels

III. Interior

IV. Sculpture and Relief

V. Inscriptions

V.1. Name of Goddess

V.2. Festivals and Rituals

V.3. Dedications

V.4. Cult Associations

V.5. Dedications to other Deities

V.6. Honorary Decrees

VI. Coins and Small Finds

VI.1. Coins

VI.2. Small Finds

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Vocabulary

VIII.1. Mythological Characters

VIII.2. Officials, Garments, Measures and Monetary Units, Vessels and Technical Terms

VIII.3. Classical Architecture and Decoration Terms 

IX. Bibliography

Храмът на понтийската майка на боговете в Дионисополис

Publisher Slavena
Language English
Pages 96
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-579-987-7
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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