The Pistiros Hoard (Pistiros VI)
Editors: Jan Bouzek, Jiří Militký, Valentina Taneva, Ewa Domaradzka


Table of contents



Part I: The context

1. Emporion Pistiros: 450278 B.C. An outline of its history

2. The outline of the chronology of Pistiros

3. Urban planning of Pistiros

4. The area of the hoard: stratigraphy of the last urban phase (summary of the excavation reports 19982003)

5. The Southern House: the last phases

6. Function of the two houses with colonnades along it, the E-W street

7. Archaeological situation of the treasure

8. Other items of the hoard of coins

9. Pottery from context of the hoard

10. Weapons from the ca. 279 B.C. Celtic destruction

Part II: The hoard

1. Coin catalogue

2. The journey of the coins from the “Pistiros” hoard

3. The Pistiros hoard  its general evaluation and comments on its position in the context of other comparable finds in the region of Thrace

4. Numismatics and archaeology

Part III: The Celtic conquest and aftermath

1. The owner of the hoard

2. The fight, the conquest and the looting

3. Pistiros and the Celts: An overview

4. After the Celtic conquest

Part IV: Abbreviations, bibliography and addenda

1. Abbreviations and bibliography

2. Addendum: Preliminary reports of the Czech mission: the house south of the main S-W street (Southern House) 19982004


Publisher Karolinum Press
Language English
Pages 244
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-80-246-3301-5
Creation date 2016
Size 21 х 29 cm

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