Jan Bouzek, Lidia Domaradzka, Zofia Halina Archibald (eds.). Pistiros II: Excavations and Studies. Reports of the joint project of excavations and studies by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Charles University in Prague, University of Liverpool and Ecole française d’Athènes.


Table of contents


Part I. Excavation reports

1. An interim report on investigations at Vetren-Pistiros 19951998

2. Archaeological features in grid squares B 17/22 (AV I) and the Southern area along the layout of the Eastern fortification wall

3. Adzijska Vodenica II, 19941998: Excavations report by the Czech mission

4. Underground deposits: Pit №9 and the ‘fields’ of pits

Part II. Finds

5. Attic figures pottery from Adjiyska Vodenitsa, Vetren, 19891995

6. The North Greek wheel-made glazed pottery in Pistiros. Part I: Classification and possible sources

7. Lamps from Pistiros II (19951998)

8. Grey pottery from Pistiros. Part I

9. Catalogue of graffiti discovered during the excavations at Pistiros-Vetren 19881998. Part I: Graffiti on imported fine pottery

10. Terracottas from Pistiros

11. Transport amphorae from Pistiros: Introduction

12. Ceramic crucibles and tuyères from Pistiros

13. Toreutic production from Pistiros

14. La production de fibules à Pistiros

15. Coins of Macedonian rulers found in Pistiros

Part III. Surface survey, conservation and scientific contributions

16. Pistiros et son territoire: les premiers résultats de l prospection franco-bulgare

17. Conservation of archaeological finds from Pistiros

18. Studies of carbonized vegetation remains from Pistiros

19. New data from the geophysical surveys on emporion Pistiros

20. Composing a geomorphological map of the Pistiros region for archaeological purposes

21. Supplementary archaeomagnetic investigations on structures of burnt clay from emporion Pistiros

22. Development of the left bank of the Maritsa river on the territory of Pistiros

Part IV. Historical and philological contributions and addenda to Pistiros I

23. Notes on the etymology of the name Pistiros

24. Pistiros, Thasos and the cult of Dionysos

25. Addenda ad Pistiros I: The Pistiros-Vetren Inscription

26. Addenda to Pistiros I. 1. The beginning of the emporion; 2. The routes; 3. The fortifications and the city planning of Pistiros; 4. The textile industry

Publisher Karolinum Press
Language English, French
Pages 348
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 80-246-0159-1
Creation date 2002
Size 21 х 29 cm

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