Hristofor Žefarović. Stemmatografia (1741)
Translation into Modern Bulgarian by Dimiatar Peev and Tsvetan Vasilev
Stemmatografia sive Armorum Illiricorum delineatio, descriptio et restitutio
Stemmatography, or the sketch, description and revival of the Illyrian coats of arms


   The edition presents modern Bulgarian translation othe book Stemmatografia written by Hristofor Žefarović (16901753)The edition includes 56 coats of arms from various lands. The featured territories range from Muscovy, to Poland, Austria, Illyria, Albania and Turkey. The book contains both historical, fictional and contemporary coats, including those of ancient Roman provinces. In creating his work, the author used a variety of sources, such as seals, coins, stone monuments. The book is aimed at the spiritual awakening of Christians based on the glorious past of Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, including Greeks and Albanians. Stemmatografia is also dedicated to the Slavs living under the rule of the Habsburg Empire.


Publisher Bulgarian history
Language Bulgarian
Pages 280
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-7688-19-1
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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