Stefka Angelova. The late antique tomb from Silistra (ancient Durostorum)
Language: Bulgarian with extended summaries in English, German and Russian
Стефка Ангелова. Силистренската гробница
Category: Late Antiquity


   From an architectural point of view the tomb from Silistra (ancient Durostorum) is the commonest type of Roman vaulted tombs. The walls and arch are entirely decorated and form a complete symmetrical composition, arranged round the central axis which coincides with the central longitudinal axis of the tomb. The main composition of painted figures is arranged on the walls in a frieze of eleven framed rectangular panels  an imitation of the orthostats in architecture...


Publisher Regional Historical Museum of Silistra
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English, German and Russian
Pages 36
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 1976
Size 29 х 21 cm
Condition very good

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