D. P. Dimitrov, M. Čičikova. The Late Roman Tomb near Silistra
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English, German and French 
Късноантичната гробница при Силистра
Category: Late Antiquity


   The tomb was discovered near the city of Durostorum (today Silistra), one of the most important military and civic centres of the Roman Lower Danubian Limes. In the 4th century Durostorum was the centre of events, connected with Rome's wars against the Goths who ravaged the region. As the seat of a bishop the city was also connected with Early Christian history in the North-Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The Late Roman necropolis in Durostorum lay outside the city walls. Sevearl recently discovered vaulted tombs and rich burials in sarcophagi can be connected with this necropolis and so can the Silistra tomb. It belongs to the usual type of single-chamber tombs with a rectangular plan and a semi-cylindrical vault, measuring 3,30 x 2,60 m, with a medium height of 2,30 m. The walls are 0,6 m thick, built of ashlars connected with red mortar. The cault begins at a height of 1 m with two rows of bricks. It lies west to east with an entrance in the eastern wall...


Table of contents


Дуросторум  античната Силистра

Откриване и устройство на гробницата

Декоративна система




Украса на свода

Иконография на стенописите

Фигурални изображения

Геометрични ормаменти


Стилова характеристика и датировка на стенописите


Резюме и списък на илюстрациите на английски език

Резюме и списък на илюстрациите на френски език

Резюме и списък на илюстрациите на немски език


Publisher Regional Historical Museum of Silistra
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English, German and French
Pages 120
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
Creation date 1986
Size 21 x 29 cm
Condition very good

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