Dmitriy Loza. Attack of the Airacobras: Soviet Aces, American P-39s, and the Air War Against Germany
С аерокобри в атака. Съветските асове с американски изтребители Bell Р-39 Airacobra в бой срещу Германия
Category: World War II
Language: Bulgarian


   During its titanic military struggle with Germany, the Soviet Union received a major boost with the arrival and deployment of nearly 5000 Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter planes  courtesy of America's Lend-Lease program. The impact was dramatic, as the Soviets quickly adapted the planes into a devastatingly lethal force. Dmitriy Loza's account vividly re-creates the battle campaigns of this odd coupling of capitalist planes and Marxist pilots and shines a bright light on a little known part of the air war on the Eastern Front. Built for short range and relatively low altitudes, the P-39 was equipped with a powerful engine and weapons that enabled it to outduel and eventually dominate the Luftwaffe from the Caucusus foothills to Berlin.
   Focusing on the combat operations and daily life of one unit  the 9th Guards Fighter Division  Loza refutes the myth that the P-39 was used mainly as a "tank buster" or "flying artillery". Instead, its primary mission was to protect Red Army operations from aerial attacks by the enemy. Center stage in Loza's story are the P-39 pilots and ground crews themselves, including remarkable Captain Aleksandr Pokryshkin and Major Gregoriy Rechkalov, two of the Soviets' top four aces. In addition, Loza details the organization and operations of the unit's noncombat personnel  who refueled and maintained the aircraft, cleaned and reloaded the guns, packed the parachutes, treated the wounded, guarded the airfields, and commanded the squadrons and regiments. Based on interviews with Soviet veterans and extensive access to squadron histories and logbooks, Loza provides a rare and insightful look at what itwas like to live and fight in this victorious air unit.


Publisher Prozorets
Language Bulgarian
Pages 248
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-243-191-4
Creation date 2021
Size 14 х 21 cm

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