I Flew for the Reich: Memoirs of a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot
Хайнц Кноке. Аз пазих небето на Райха
Category: World War II
Language: Bulgarian


   Heinz Knoke (19211993) was a World War II Luftwaffe flying ace. He is credited with 33 confirmed aerial victories, all claimed over the Western theatre of operations, and claimed a further 19 unconfirmed kills in over 2000 flights. During the 1950s Knoke wrote a book about his wartime career entitled 'I Flew for the Führer' (translation from 'Die grosse Jagd: Bordbuch eines deutschen Jagdfliegers'). The book was one of the first narratives to appear in the West by one of the Luftwaffe aces. His memoirs show his initial enthusiasm for the war, becoming grimmer and more demoralized at the beginning of 1944. In his last diary entries Knoke shows willingness to enter into an armistice with the Western Allies to continue the war against the USSR.


Publisher Prozorets
Language Bulgarian
Pages 2024
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-243-30-93
Creation date 2024
Size 14 х 21 cm

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