Nadia Boydjieva. Russia, NATO and the Security Environment after the Cold War (19891999)
Русия  НАТО и средата на сигурност след Студената война. част I (19891999)
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian
Categories: Regional studies  RussiaContemporary history 


Table of contents


Chapter one. International Relations before the End of the Cold War

Chapter two. The Collapse of the USSR and the Emergence of the Russian Federation as an Independent State

Chapter three. The New Security Environment in Central and Eastern Europe

Chapter four. The Reconceptualization of National Security in the Russian Federation

Chapter five. The Reorientation of Priorities in Russia’s Foreign Policy Strategy

Chapter six. Russia’s Reaction to the Enlargement of NATO

Chapter seven. The NATO - Russia Founding Act and the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council

Chapter eight. NATO, Russia, and Regional Security in the Balkans



Apendix 1: Закон РФ „О безопасности“ № 2446-1 от 5 марта 1992 года (в ред. Закона РФ от 25.12.92 № 4235-1, указа президента РФ от 24.12.93 № 2288)

Apendix 2: Концепция внешней политики Российской Федерации, 1992

Apendix 3: The New Russia and the Atlantic Alliance.  Andrei Kozyrev, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation

Apendix 4: Oсновные положения Военной доктрины Российской Федераци, 1994

Apendix 5: Study on NATO Enlargement

Apendix 6: Концепция национальной безопасности Российской Федерации (утв. Указом президента РФ от 17 декабря 1997 г. N 1300) / 345

Summary in English

Summary in Russian

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Publisher Daniela Ubenova
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian
Pages 384
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-791-168-0
Creation date 2014
Size 16 х 24 cm

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