Preslav. Volume 3: Collected papers in honour of Prof. Krustyu Miyatev
Bulgarian and Russian with summaries and lists of illustrations in English


Table of contents


Krustyu Miyatev. Bibliography

V. Besheviev. The reflection of Thomas the Slav’s uprising in the Chatalar inscription

В. Пуцко. Этюды об Остромировом евангелии

T. Totev. A ceramic icon from Preslav with an enthroned Christ

P. Georgiev. A monastery bath in Preslav

S. Boyadzhiev. To the problem of the church of Vinitza

I. Yordanov. Some new facts about Peslav from the end of the 10th century

P. Dimitrov. Characteristic features and significance of the age after the reign of Tsar Simeon

S. Stanilov. On the realations between number symbolism during the Early Middle Ages and Bulgarian folk culture

K. Popkonstantinov. On the “dated” inscriptions from the rosck at Mourfatlar

S. Bonev. Ornamental carving of bone: Connection with and influences from other applied techniques in the 10th c.

S. Vitlyanov. On the question of Byzantine pale-clay ceramic from Pliska and Preslav

T. Mihailova. Moulds for casting or ornaments in Great Preslav

N. Ovcharov. Notes on the origin of the style of the Preslav painted ceramic

S. Mihailov. Some characteristic features of the Bulgarian Early Medieval town

Y. Changova. Towards the study of Old-Bulgarian wrought metal arts

D. Ovcharov. The meaning and content of a graffito from Pliska

A. Milchev. Excavations to the south of Karel Shkorpil’s grave in the inner town of Pliska during 1968

T. Balabanov. On the beginnings of glass manufacture and glass processing in Mediaeval Bulgaria

R. Rashev. Late nomads in the filed of Pliska

A. Khalikov. A collective find of iron objects

V. Antonova. A newly-discovered find of agricultural tools around Pliska

R. Vasilev. Deer hut: A graffito drawing

Z. Aladzhov. Religious figurines in the region of Pliska

A. Popov. The name of the Mediaeval capital Turnovo and the role it played in the titling of patriarchs and tsars

Y. Alexiev. A marble relief from Tsarevets in Veliko Turnovo


Преслав. Том 3

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian, Russian with summaries in English
Pages 302
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
Creation date 1983
Size 16 х 24 cm

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