Patterns. Models. Drawings: Art Readings, 2019, Vol. I: Old Art
Мотиви, модели, подготвителни рисунки. Изкуствоведски четения
Language: English, French, Bulgarian


Table of contents

E. Moutafov. Model: Image relation in Christian art and its research. Some remarks on treatises on painting, model books and Hermeneiai Zographikes

M. Koleva. Copying of images: Roman art cases from Bulgaria

И. Билярски. Няколко графити от западната фасада на църквата „Св. Димитър“ в Бобошево

И. Гергова. Мотивът „строеж на църква за 40 дни“

M. Kuyumdzhieva. God’s punishment for King David’s Census in the religious art of the Balkans: Texts, images and contexts

C. Ciobanu. Trois cahiers de modèles des peintres roumains du XVIIIe siècle

K. Kalafati. A Post-Byzantine sketchbook in the British Museum Library (MS Add. 43868)

A. Nanou. Ηave working drawings contributed to a common artistic “dialect”? Remarks on sketches and icons of local painting workshops in the 19th century Balkans

I. Vitaliotis. Reproducing engravings on a single icon: The case of the Theotokos Megaspelaiotissa

A. Manukian. Icon templates in religious art of Imperial Russia. Moscow Old Believers and the icon-painting of the 17th century

М. Стойкова. Нови факти за тревненските зографи

A. Saminsky. The Evangelists and their symbols in the drawings in the Greek manuscript in Harvard: Houghton Library, Typ 215

I. Karalis. Ἄρατε πύλας (psalm 23[24], 710). The iconography of Christ opening Hades’ Doors

E. Moussakova. Narrative sequence in the miniatures of Tsar Ivan Alexander’s Gospel Book (British Library Add. MS 39627)

K. Giakoumis. Prototypes, variations & artistic innovation: The iconography of St John Vladimir on the interplay between frescoes, icons, metalwork and copperplate engravings

Г. Геров. Необичайно изображение в икона от XVIII век. Полагане пояса на Богородица

E. Vuković. The Byzantine representations of the himation as a possible tool for defining specific authorial features of the painters? A connoisseurship approach

М. Колушева. Изображенията на пророк Илия и св. Йоан Предтеча в свода на притвора на Сеславския манастир

M. Zaharieva. Pentecostarion-based scenes at the church of Podgumer Monastery

T. Kuneva. On an iconographic version of the Vision of St Peter of Alexandria from the 15th16th century

Д. Бойкина. Темата „Христос Лоза“ в декоративната програма на един кивот за мощи

А. Куюмджиев. Произведения на светогорски зографи в Рилския манастир от края на ХVІІІ век

P. Hadjiantoniou. A sailboat sketch: Dating a constructive phase of the old cemetery chapel of Pantokrator Monastery, Mount Athos

C. Firea. Visual “intertextuality”: The use of German prints in Transylvanian painting in the 15th and 16th centuries

E. Spratt. Ingenium, inventio, vis, facilitas: Western influences in Post-Byzantine art and the question of imitability

V. Yontcheva. The cult of St Nicholas the new martyr of Sofia and his representations at Sofia Churches in the late 19th and Early 20th Century


Publisher Institute of Art Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language English, French, Bulgarian with summaries in Bulgarian and English
Pages 528
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8594-85-1
ISSN 1313-2342
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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