Ivanka Gergova, Emanuel Mutafov (eds.). Heroes. Cults. Saints. Proceedigs of the conference
Art Readings” (Old Arts module), Sofia, May 2015. In Bulgarian, English, German and French


Table of contents

E. Moutafov. Art Reading 2015

M. Koleva. Hero. Myth. Votive Offerings (summary)

I. Dosseva. The Memory of the Dead: Sacral Space Structuring in Early Byzantine Necropoles and Cities (Based of Evidences from the Territory of Contemporary Bulgaria) (summary)

I. Gergova. St George the New Martyr of Sofia. Dissemination and Aspects of the Cult (summary)

E. Moussakova. Sixteenth Century Scribes from Sofia? A Palaeographical Insight

R. Russeva. The History and Iconography of an Unpublished Icon of St Nicholas the New Martyr of Sofia and St George the New Martyr of Sofia from the Museum of Christian Art at the Crypt of St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (summary)

G. Tsigaras. Die Verehrung der Athos-Heiligen und der Neomärtyrer auf dem Berg Athos (17.19. Jh.)

N. Papageorgiou. Die malerische Darstellung der Neumärtyrer der griechisch-orthodoxen Kirche, Kosmas von Ätolien und Georg von Ioannina, von den Malern von Samarina

A. Serafimova. Notes on the Depictions of St Dionysius of Olympus

E. Bakalova, T. Vassilev. The Images of St Theodore the Studite in Bulgaria and Their Balkan Context (summary)

C. Ciobanu. Les sources des citations peintes sur les phylactères des saints de la rangée inférieure de la façade de l'église de la Résurrection de Dieu du monastère de Suceviţa

M. Paissidou. Warrior Saints as Protectors of the Byzantine Army in the Palaiologan Period: the Case of the Rock-cut Hermitage in Kolchida (Kilkis prefecture)

E. Moutafov. Saints, Eunuchs and Iconography

E. Popova. Personal Images of the Forty Martyrs of Sebasteia from XVII Century in Churches in Arbanassi (summary) 

V. Sapundzieva. An Image of St Nicholas the New in the Context of the 17th18th Century Murals in Arbanassi (summary)

M. Kolusheva. The Saint Bishop from the Nave of Saint George’s Church in Veliko Tarnovo (summary)

E. Negrău. The Cult of Saints Dadas, Gobdelas, and Casdoa in the Greek Provinces and Wallachia (16th18th Centuries)

M. Kuyumdzhieva. On St Parasceve/Petka ot Turnovo. Winged Images and Some Identification Errors (summary)

M. Zaharieva. An Unknown Hagiographical Icon of St Panteleimon from the Church of St Nicholas in Vidin (summary)

A. Kuyumdzhiev. Kilifarevo Monastery: Myths and Facts (summary)

E. Genova. The Enlighteners of the Slavs, Cyril and Methodius and the Icon-painters of the Late National Revival Period (summary)

M. Stoykova. Zograph Philipp (summary)

Герои. Култове. Светци

Publisher Institute of Art Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English, German, French
Pages 372
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8594-55-4
Creation date 2015
Size 16 х 24 cm

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