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B. Ruseva. The silver tetartemorion of Seuthes II (ca. 405  ca. 387) found in “emporion Pistiros”

R. Gushterakliev. Hoards containing bronze coins of municipalities (1st3rd c.) discovered in Southern Bulgaria (part two)

B. Bozhkova, V. Dinchev. Coin Hoard (late 2nd  first half of 3rd c. AD) from Preslavets village, HArmanli municipality

M. Dotkova. Hoard of denarii and Antoninianus coins from Prolesha village, Sofia region

V. Penchev. Copper scyphatos of the Serbian King Stephen Radoslav (12281233) found during archaeological excavations in Pomorie (2009)

C. Dochev. New version of a secondarily reworked perpera of the Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos (12591282)

C. Dochev. Imitation of the golden perperi of Andronikos II with Andronikos III Palaiologos (13251328)

N. Mitev. Two rare Bulgarian medieval coins from a private collection

R. Ramadanski. The find of a Bulgarian Medieval coin in England [full text]

M. Ibrishimova-Petrova, K. Krustev. 15th18th c. Venetian coins from Iskra Museum  Kazanlak

M. Klasnakov, I. Peev. Hoard of Russian coins from Gorno Yabalkovo village, Burgas region

V. Penchev. Part pt a hoard of silver Turkish coins from the mid 18th c. from the depot of the National Museum of History  Sofia


D. Vladimirova-Aladzhova. Early Byzantine seal from Nesebar

Z. Zhekova. Unpblished Medieval Bulgarian seals from the collection of Regional Museum of History  Shumen

D. Dimitrov. New Byzantine seals from the depot of Veliki Rreslav Museum of Archaeology

S. Doncheva. Anonymous sphragidia of a Bulgarian Ruler (10th c.) from Preslav

V. Grigorov, Z. Zhekova. Seal of Theoktistos, patrikios and logothetes tou dromou found in Pliska

N. Kanev. Newly found lead seal from the region of Sliven


M. Manov. Inscription of Apollonia with a new dating

K. Karadimitrova. Bonus eventus from Ratiaria

Z. Aladzhov. Cross-shaped monogram on an early Byzantine application

P. Georgiev. The name of Samuel in an inscription from 992/993

K. Venedikova. Inscription on an oval bronze plate from Perperikon


B. Ruseva. Paraphra of La naissance de la monnaie by Georges Le Rider (continuation of Numismatics, sigilography and epigraphy, 9, 2013)

I. Petrakiev. Lid for teriac from Tsarevets Hill

M. Dotkova. Bibliography of the Bulgarian Numismatics and Sigillography 20112014 

Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика 2015, 11

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, Engslish with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 316
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-5532
Creation date 2016
Size 16 x 24 cm

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