Table of contents /summaries/


B. Russeva. The gold coins from Dobrudja 1954 (IGCH 796?)

B. Russeva. A fragment of Mindya 1959 hoard (IGCH 664)

M. Manov. New types of coins of the Scythian king Aelis

B. Bozhkova. Stobi coins from the numismatic collection of the Institute of Archaeology with Museum in Sofia

D. Vladimirova–Aladzhova. Golden coin hoard (AD 5th century) from Kustendil

T. Kovacheva. Coins of Roman and Early Byzantine Storgosia and its region

M. Minkova. Coin circulation 2nd13th century on the territory of Augusta TraianaBeroeVereyaBorui

V. Penchev. Hoard of billon scyphati of Alexios I Comnenos struck in Philippopolis

V. Penchev. Imitations of billon scyphati from the 12th century found during archaeological investigation of Silistra

S. Avdev. Rare type of silver aspra of Tsar Ivan Alexander (13311371)

C. Dochev. Iconographic and paleographic supplement to copper coinages of Tsar Constantine Assen (12571277)

Z. Zhekova. Bulgarian Medieval coins in Dumbarton Oaks Collection

B. Tomova. Hoard from Bely Izvor, Vratsa region


I. Yordanov. Seals of the Byzantine family of Vatatzes (11th12th centuries)

M. Bospachieva. Newfound antique gems from Philippopolis and their numismatic parallels


V. Gerassimova. Inscription from the Alexandrovo tomb

M. Manov. Two Hellenistic epitaphs

V. Gerassimova-Tomova. Diocletianupolis and its surroundings in the light of epigraphic data (1st3rd centuries AD)

K. Karadimitrova. Newly found votive inscriptions from Ratiaria

M. Yosifova. Copper vessel with inscription from 1697


M. Dotkova. Bibliography of Bulgarian Numismatics and Sphragistics 19922003

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 306
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-5532
Creation date 2005
Size 16 x 24 cm

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