Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Prof. Thodor Gerassimov


Volume 1/2004 of Numismatica, Sphragistica and Epigraphica is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the great Bulgarian scholar, the late Professor Thodor Gerassimov. It comprises all the papers presented to the jubilee scientific session held in December 2003 at the Institute of Archaeology with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In view of that, the contents of volume 1/2004 show a greater variety of themes greater than usually. One can find enclosed contributions of followers of the famous scholar, by his admirers working in related branches of knowledge like archaeology, art history etc., as well as works of more general and popular nature.


Table of contents /summaries/

I. Youroukova. Memories about Prof. Thodor Gerassimov

B. Tomova. Bibliography of Prof. Thodor Gerassimov


B. Roussеva. New evidence for the Silver Coinage of Cabyle

M. Manov. A New Type of Countermark on Bronze Coins of the Scythian Ruler Sariakes

S. Filipova. Bronze Roman Provincial Coins (the 2nd3rd century) from the Numismatic Collection of the Museum of History in Kyustendil

R. Gushterakliev. 2nd3rd Century Coin Hoard from the Village of Slatina, Lovech Region

D. Draganov. An Unknown Gold Medallion of Constantine II Caesar

B. Bozhkova. Coins from “Yuzhen park  Lozenets” Archaeological Site (4th7th century) in Sofia

D. Vladimirova-Aladzhova. Coins from the Excavations of the Early Christian Tomb situated in front of the Basilica “Sveta Sophia”  Sofia, 2003

V. Penchev. A 12th  early 13th Century Hoard of Billon Skyphati Found near the Village of Lilyach, Kyustendil region

G. Dzanev. A Billon Coin of “Ivan Alexander with Theodora” type

K. Dochev. A Hoard of Copper Coins of the Vidin Tsar Ivan Sratsimir (13551396)

I. Sotirov. The Coinage of Tsar Micho (Miche)  “Simeona Tsara” and the Historical Events in Bulgaria in 12561263

N. Petkova. Images of the Virgin Mary on the Mediaeval Bulgarian Coins

Z. Zhekova. Coins of the Palaeologi from the Territory of the Mediaeval Shumen

S. Avdev. Varna Monetary System from the First Half of the 14th Century

H. Haritonov. The Coins and Tokens from the Necropolis of “Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel” Church in Arbanasi


I. Yordanov. Seals of Byzantine Officials of Western Origin (the 11th12th century), Found in Present Day Bulgaria


K. Hadzhiev. Vratsa Inscription from the Reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander

K. Venedikova. Inscriptions from the Archaeological Museum in Sofia and their Relation to Monuments from Other Regions


V. Gerassimova. On the Study of Prof. Thodor Gerassimov on Sculptures from Serdica

K. Karadimitrova. Utere felix or about a Fibula from the Collection of the Archaeological Museum in Sofia

V. Nesheva. Once again on the Drawing in the Brashov Miney

B. Tomova. Record on Late Mediaeval Jewelry in Thodor Gerassimov’s Archive

V. Gerassimova. In Memoriam. Lilia Dimova Botusharova

Нумизматика, сфрагистика и епиграфика 2004, 1

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 296
Illustrations b/w figures, b/w plates, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1312-5532
Creation date 2004
Size 16 x 24 cm

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