Table of contents /summaries/

B. Ruseva. Fifteen Silver Coins of Alexander, Found in the Region of the Town of Dulovo  
A Part of a Hoard (?)

D. Draganov. Coins of the Unknown Mint of Apros in Thrace

[Vl. Penchev. Part of a Silver Late Hellenistic Hoard, Found in the Locality of Georgi Dobrevo Village, Lyubimets Region, Haskovo District]

M. Manov. A Lead Mould for Casting of Ancient Forgeries of Denarii

D. Vladimirova-Aladjova. Une exagium en verre nouvellement decouverte

S. Torbatov. Early Byzantine Weight for Aureus-es

[D. Davidova. A Golden Medallion of Valens in the Collection of Archaeological Museum  Plovdiv]

Sv. Filipova. Monnaies provenant des fouilles de Germania

[Vl. Penchev. A 13th Century Hoard of Trachea from Ustovo Village]

[G. Galabov. A Contribution to the History and Numismatics of Mediaeval Bulgaria. Part Two]

In memoriam

[D. Vladimirova-Aladjova. In  memoriam D-r Vasilli Haralanov]

Нумизматика и сфрагистика 2001, 1-2

Publisher Agato
Language Bulgarian with short summaries in English and French
Pages 100
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2001
Size 16 x 24 cm

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