In honor of Vasilka Gerasimova-Tomova on the occasion of her 65th anniversary


Table of contents /summaries/

Bibliography of the works of Vasilka Gerasimova-Tomova

Articles and reports

B. Ruseva. Un nouvel alexandre de Cyzique

D. Vladimirova-Aladjova. Un solide rare de l’empereur Leon Ier

B. Bojkova. Tresor de monnaies de la haute époque byzantine provenant de Sofia

[E. Koev. Unknown Molybdobull of Knyaz Boris-Michail]

[V. Penchev. Early Bulgarian Imitations of Byzantine Coins, Found during Archaeological Excavations in Silistra]

V. Penchev. A Collective Hoard of Billon Aspron Trachy, Found in the Localoty of “Ortaborun”, the Neighborhood of the Vilalge of Erusalimovo, Haskovo District

Z. Zhekova. A Hoard of Billon Byzantine Scyphates (XII c.) from the Village Cherencha, Shumen District

G. Galabov. A Contribution to the History and Numismatics of Mediaeval Bulgaria. Part 1

M. Manov. A Funerary Inscription from the Museum of History  Dobrich

[V. Nesheva. A Contribution to the Research of “St Haralambos”  “St Archangels” Monastery in Melnik]

[K. Hadjiev. Once More about the Shumen Inscription of Sraco from the Time of Tsar Ivan Shishman(13771378 or 13921393)]

[H. Andreev. Graffiti of Станъ and Some Problems Concerning the Murals of St Georgi Shurch at the Village of Gorni Kozyak, Shtip Region]

Нумизматика и сфрагистика 2000, 2

Publisher Agato
Language Bulgarian with short summaries in French and English
Pages 104
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
Creation date 2000
Size 16 x 24 cm

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