Muslims in Bulgaria: Dynamics of Attitudes. Collected Papers. In Bulgarian


     Proceedings of a conference "Muslims in Bulgaria: Dynamics and Attitudes" held in May 2017 at New Bulgarian University. The book analyzes the Bulgarian projections in the dynamics of attitudes in the last five years (20112016), burdened on a global scale with many "Muslim" problems. The Bulgarian situation could be interpreted as a model for peaceful and tolerant cohabitation between Christians and Muslims.

     Main results of project “Attitudes of Muslims in Bulgaria  2016”:

• Persistent low social status

• Coexistence of modernity and tradition with certain reversion to the patriarchal model of family relations

• Clearly expressed religious identity with a trend towards stricter adherence to the rules

• Prevalence of religiosity among the poorest in the ghettoes, reaching 100%. Increasing religiosity among the youngest

• In spite of the practice of Islam, clearly expressed priority of the common human (non-religious) criteria of good and evil

• Preserved good interpersonal relations with the Christians, accompanied by increasing differentiation

• Clearly expressed attitudes in favour of the secular state organization, but also a certain alienation from politics and the state institutions

• High level of disapproval of terrorist organizations and increased level of denouncing of terrorism compared with 2011

• In 2016 similar to 2011 no radical attitudes were discovered among the Muslims in Bulgaria

• The danger of individuals falling under the influence of Islamism, including its extreme forms cannot be eliminated, but it is not supported by the large majority of this community


Table of contents

От съставителя

М. Щрихи от образа на българските мюсюлмани  2016

В. Величков. Традиция и модерност. Ценности: религиозност и консерватизъм

Е. Иванова. Сълзите на Агар

Е. Иванова. Възраждането като възстановяване

А. Желязкова. Нова религиозност сред ромите в гетата. Репариране на религиозните маркери сред мигрантите от Родопите

А. Абдуллах. Диахронен анализ на понятието „джихад“

М. Малинова. Ислям и демокрация?

Приложение 1. Резултати от количественото изследване „Нагласи на мюсюлманите в България  2016“

Приложение 2. Нагласи на мюсюлманите в България. Сравнителни резултати 20112016 

Publisher New Bulgarian Univeristy
Language Bulgarian
Pages 222
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-233-003-3
Creation date 2018
Size 14 х 22 cm

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