The Turn to the East: Prince Ferdinand I of Bulgaria in the Diplomatic Papers of Austria-Hungary 1894–1899
Завоят на Изток: Княз Фердинанд I в дипломатическите документи на Австро-Унгария 18941899
Category: Modern Bulgarian History
Language: Bulgarian


   The monograph examines the period 18941898/1899 in which, after solving the issue of the Bulgarian crisis, the danger of a real conflict with Russiam Empire and the creation of the Bulgarian dynasty, the prince and the state faced the problem of gaining international legitimacy. The time is a dynamic and fateful in which the Principality is slowly but surely making a major foreign policy turn from the West to the East in the name of national interests. Based on sources from the Austro-Hungarian archives, the book reveals the doubts and the subsequent strategic failure of Vienna in maintaining its role in Bulgaria and the difficult but consistent path to achieve Russian, and hence European recognition of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria.


Table of contents


Встъпителни думи

Залезът на Стамболов

В очакване на признанието

Сближението и края на Стамболов


При новите "съюзници"

Куртоазни посещения и разривът с Виена

Края на една епоха

Случаят "Хартенау"

Последни думи

Непубликувани източници

Публикувани източници и литература


Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian
Pages 184
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-245-341-1
Creation date 2023
Size 16 х 24 cm

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