Peter Stoyanovich. King Ferdinand of Bulgaria and the Europeanisation of Bulgaria, presented in selected areas of state administration and society (186118871912)
Category: Modern Bulgarian History
Language: English


   The book is a thorough narrative of the modernization of Bulgaria from 1887 to 1912. One period of 25 years of Bulgaria's peaceful existence, apart from the social turmoil. In these years Bulgaria went from being an Ottoman Asian province to a European state. This was, of course, the consequence of a great popular, especially elitist, push towards Europe, led by the Bulgarian ruler  Prince, later Tsar, Ferdinand I. His participation in this great upsurge is the subject of this book. It is the crowning achievement of years of research of mine, which found publication in separate smaller books, but it is now the crowning achievement of this work," said Prof. Stoyanovich.

Publisher Faber
Language English
Pages 788
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-00-1702-8
Creation date 2024
Size 17 х 24 cm

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